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What complimentary tux should he wear? Our goal is to give you original designs and quality merchandise at affordable prices. What is the most appropriate shirt to wear with the white jacket? Belgian shoes and Prince Albert slippers are bad ass and the wearing of them is encouraged in appropriate settings like weddings and fundraisers. What type and color are appropriate?

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The Black Tie Accessories. The best tux tie is a black bow tie. One-up your tuxedo etiquette by tying the bow tie it takes some practice, the imperfections from tying your own bow adds character to a refined look. A set of tuxedo studs and cufflinks are a tuxedo outfit must-have.
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The black Virgo Perry Ellis tuxedo coat hits the nail on the head. Featuring a 2 button single breasted front, satin notch lapels with self-trim, satin besom pockets, and fashioned from a tropical worsted wool, this classic tuxedo coat is perfect for your prom, wedding, quinceanera, cruise or any other formal event!

Can I wear a white jacket and pants, then a gray vest? A white dinner jacket is fine, as long as its in season, keep the pants black. Stick with a cummerbund with the white jacket. RP, Sounds like a great jacket. I would say the best way to go is with black wool trousers for more formal occasions. If you want to be a little more casual, you could do charcoal trousers.

I would keep the bot tie black, again, for formal occasions. For non black tie occasions, depending on your personal style you could stick with black or go with burgundy, pink, lavender etc… Wear it with confidence.

I just wanted to know if all tuxedos should be worn with a cummerbund? Frank, To be honest, that is a dilemma I have ever thought of, but I would say an ascot would be an ideal substitute in that situation. I am getting married soon and we are both wearing white. What can we do about the tux pants? Meeks, I would recommend having a tailor remove the pockets and sew them shut.

That should eliminate the problem. Congrats on getting married! Hey Neville, go with a regular white tuxedo shirt — probably with a turn-down collar, as the wing collar is a bit formal with the pale jacket.

Keep the black bow tie, and if you can see some shirt above the trousers, get a black cummerbund or a very dark red if you want a splash of color. Hi I was wondering if it is appropriate to wear a hat with a tuxedo.

If so, what hat? Also what kind of overcoat should I wear? I really enjoyed the article by the way. Thank you in advance, Ethan. Ethan, Yes of course you can wear a hat. A believe a black homburg would be ideal. A top hat should be reserved for white tie. If you are of a certain mindset you could even go for a polo coat. Ok, so here is my situation: I am wearing a midnight blue tuxedo with a white tie. Can I wear a top hat?

Or a different hat? And if I do, should it also be midnight blue, or can it be black? What are your thoughts on wearing a bow tie and a classic collared shirt?

These rules are very traditional rules. Versace, Zegna, Hugo Boss, among many other high-end brands break half of the traditional tuxedo style rules nowadays.

For example, notch lapels are very common. Black ties actual black ties are worn all the time with a tuxedo. What is appropriate for the occasion and the setting? Chris, I would not recommend wearing a hat for the ceremony, regardless of what the dress is.

Especially if it is inside. It is just not appropriate and even worse you run the risk of drawing attention away from the bride, groom and ceremony and toward yourself. For the reception, photos and rest of wedding, I would also advise against wearing a hate except when outside. Hats are not appropriate when indoors at any type of more formal event. A fedora is okay with a suit, but not at a wedding. Groom, Do not wear a long tie with a tuxedo. It is not an appropriate to wear a long tie with a tux, stick with a bow tie, its a much better look.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Hi, Can I wear a black dress shirt with a white tux Shawl collar; single button!! Coloured self tied bow tie? Dressing semi formal for Caribbean cruising. Denis, Avoid black dress shirts like the plague unless you are on the waitstaff and that is your uniform. White dinner jacket is a good call for a Caribbean cruise, however. You could change up the shirt color pink or light blue , id recommend keeping the tie classic and black. With a midnight blue dinner jacket, can one wear a black tie and waistcoat?

Or do they have to match the lapels of the jacket? Laura, Usually the lapels on a midnight blue dinner jacket are black, but in the event you or your man were able to find one with midnight blue lapels that is badass and I am jealous. Either way, I think it would be ideal if the tie and waistcoat matched the lapels, whether they are black or blue, but in the event they are blue, i think you could get away with a black tie and waistcoat.

Also, I have a half inch pleated shirt and was curious as to the level of formality of both. Also, in terms of jewelry and watches, I wear gold rings containing diamonds only, no other stones and was wondering if I could wear my gold Rolex to match.

Adam, Traditionally, watches are inappropriate with a tux. The reason being, as far I know, is that it is rude to check the time in the presence of your host. That said, if one is to wear a watch with a tux I think it best to stick to dress watches — ones with smaller faces and leather straps. I always find metal banded watches to be too casual and eye drawing to be fitting with a tux.

So depending on what rolex you have it could or could not work. Are Black and White Wingtips ever permitted with a Tux? Seems strange but I have seen the look before and not just in Mens Wearhouse Prom Catalogues… and it actually looked rather tasteful. SMM, Black and white wingtips also known as spectators, if we are talking about the same thing are by nature a more casual shoe.

Personally, I would not wear them with a tux, I think most traditionalists would side with me on this, for what it matters. However, if the dress code is something like black tie optional or you really want to get creative I guess you could go for it. But do keep in mind that when others look at you they may also think of said Mens Wearhouse prom catalogue. Hi I just had a midnight blue tux tailored with black silk lapels. Im trying to decide on shoes and wanted to be a little different.

Whats your feel on loafers or belgians and what colour? I was thinking brown velvet and no socks but am wondering whether I can pull it off..

Gunnar, Belgians over loafers. I would avoid loafers for black tie but there is something strangely right about Belgians. I think just wearing Belgians is enough to be a little different, no need to make them brown, black would be more appropriate, whereas brown not appropriate at all. Sanjay, White tux jackets can have both white or black lapels. Personally, I am more a fan of white lapels.

I would want to remain formal but also add a bit of colour. Most websites say only one accessory should be colored but I was wondering if a deep vest and the pocket square could both be colored? Something like this — http: For the vest and pocket square accessory issue ; personally, I am okay with colored vests, however, the key is to keep it tasteful which obviously is a personal matter to you. I would shy away from the solid color ones like the purple one in that photo as I think they often look cheap.

I think it would be fine to have the pocket square complement but not match the vest, keep it a solid color one, no patterns with tuxes. But I think a white square would still be best. Im trying to find a good tuxedo for my wedding. Shoukd I be wearing a black bow tie or white bow tie. Chad, I would go with a black bow tie. Can you also recommend what type of collar is more appropriate being the groom.

I like the shawl collar jacket, black bow tie, appropriate pants without cummerband andbutton down shirt with black button n french cuffs. What do you suggest? Chad, I think shawl collars are very elegant and a man can do no wrong with a shawl collared dinner jacket. I think the black buttons on the shirt are a tasteful way to do a slightly different take on black tie. It sounds like you are trying to do a little different take than the classic tux, you could also don some velvet slippers instead of the more formal lace ups.

But all in all, sounds like a good look! Chad, I would stick to black for the waistcoat. Personally, however, I think that a waistcoat is better paired with peak lapels than a shawl collar.

And a cummerbund goes better with shawl collar. But that is just my opinion on the matter. Dan, I think that is a matter of personal taste and style. About needlepoint cummerbunds…is that to add flare?

Dan, Flare, expression, fun, snark — some mix of those things for the most part. And yes, special designs are a big part — club logos, personal mementos and such. Black, shawl lapel, single-breasted and one button. Have to figure out the rest now. Shirt — Wing collar or turn down? Which one do you think looks better with a shawl lapel? I was going to go with a vest but looking around online, I think a cummerband would look better with a shawl lapel. I still probably like the vest.

I see little written on a double-breasted jacket. I have both single and double. I am going on a cruise and want to cress in appropriate formal attire for formal dinners. Would your recommend the single or double breasted jacket. I have a cummerbund for the single jacket. And, I have an assortment of bow ties from black to blue, yellow and red with matching jacket pocket handkerchiefs.

I normally use a lay down collar but have both lay down and standup. Thanks for any advice. Bought an amazing Black Velvet tuxedo jacket with satin trim on the lapels and buttons. Am I asking for trouble? Also what type of black bow tie do you rec with this? Bring back the DB Dinner Suit! Hopefully the double breasted, with its extra swagger, is making a comeback! It looks informal enough with a suit and is totally inappropriate with black tie.

I think what Rule 19 means is button-down collar. You can argue about how proper or informal it looks with a suit and business attire. But I agree with rule What I meant to say is: I think Rule 19 is referring to a button-down placket, as opposed to the classier look of studs or a fly-front. Thus, I stand by the remainder of what I said in my original comment, which is: We can argue about how dressy or informal a button-down collar looks with a suit and business attire.

I do agree though with rule 19 vis-a-vis the placket. Personally, I prefer studs or a fly-front. I read your article with interest and was surprised that I agreed with everything in there… apart from button down collars no chance! Also, wing collars should only be worn for white tie — a nice spread collar is the way to go. A centre vent is also considered inappropriate. So you hung out with a prince who hung out with Jackie Kennedy. After all, though he.

One may actually crovel on the floor to measure the width of you bell-bottoms and then imitate your wardrobe down to the very stitch for the next five decades. I am looking for a solid tuxedo for my wedding. I am considering wearing a single brested lapel jacket with cumberbun, braces, and bow tie a black paisely fabric. However the lapel and pants will not also have the black paisley pattern and am concerned this may be an issue.

What I would like to do is a white on white affair but formal. I was thinking white tuxedo jacket and pants with a satin shawl lapel, so satin stripe on the pants, and white accessories, but ties instead of bow ties.

Is that just traditionally or do you think it would be distasteful to wear white ones? And if it is ok, would a polished leather still be suitable? FYI, we live in Louisiana. The short answer is that all-white is never appropriate for a dinner suit. Black shoes are non-negotiable. Also, all dinner jackets and tailcoats are only worn in the evenings after 6 , and white is only appropriate during the summer months unless you live in a tropical climate.

A white dinner jacket is always a slightly less formal option, and best suited for outside garden parties or country club events. I will offer you two pieces of advice:.

Do not try to be different. The risk that it will look stupid, especially in the case of a self-admitted novice, is too great. The weather looks to be inclement. I have a trench coat, but it is navy blue and the tux is black, can I get by with it? Secondly, we will be going to restaurant before the main event, can I take off my tux when we sit to eat or does it stay on?

Joe, Do not take your jacket off at dinner, especially in from of females. If you must, the trenchcoat will do. But technically, it is not a proper coat to wear with a tux, as it is not formal enough to complement the tux. Thou shalt not try to use Elizabethan English if thou dost not understand how to use it correctly.

I would like to ask your guidance for wearing an overcoat with a tux during cold weather. What type and color are appropriate? Ben, I think a chesterfield, polo coat or a simple single or double breasted overcoat in wool or cashmere black being the ideal color, navy or camel also work are the ideal solutions as far as I am concerned.

Dear Sir I wondered what your thoughts were on the accompaniment to a single breast black velvet dinner jacket. Should the trousers differ? My wedding is this year. Bridesmaid dresses are cranberry. Groomsman are wearing cranberry bow ties. Question is do I wear a cranberry, black, or an ivory waistcoat as is the brides dress. Thanks for your help in advance. Doing so is often the down fall of many a potentially good wedding tux. A man should look good enough on his own without having to coordinate with his lady.

Iwas given a tux for Christmas that uses suspenders. I would much rather have the adjustable side straps with the cam buckles. I cannot find any tailor that has these. Can you tell me how I can get them? Bill Carner, It sounds like you are doing exactly what I would do, search for a decent tailor in your area who can add them to your pants. Depending on what brand the tux is, you could inquire with the brand to see if they can add them or have any recommendations.

I understand an off white white dinner jacket is out of season, but in the summer when paired with black bowtie and cummerbund, does one wear black tuxeo pants typical side stripe or black dress pants? Dress for black tie then simply swap out jacket for satin no-notch lapel cream white jacket? We are having a non traditional, but classic look, wedding in late September. We are doing things very differently, including having the reception before the wedding, and the ceremony after sundown.

I want to wear winter white trousers, with a white, pleated, wing tip shirt, with an aqua colored vest and tie. I also want to wear a black tuxedo jacket with peak lapels, for the ceremony. I am debating on shoe color…black or a white color that would match the trousers?? Duque, To be honest, I cannot imagine a situation in which having an aqua colored vest will look good. I think a slight off white like cream would look best for the trousers. And for the shoes go with black, they will tie in with the jacket, and with the stripe on the tux pants if you get white or cream pants which I advise you get the satin stripe on.

Congratulations on getting married! I have a nice one button black shawl collar tuxedo. Terri, I would potentially do cream colored pants with a black satin strip along the stitching as is done on black pants. I feel like white would be a little too much contrast between jacket and pants.

I was curious if you thought a grey dinner jacket with grey satin lapels and one button similar to the one offered by brooks brothers was an appropriate alternative to the classic white jacket during the warm summer months. Ceartainly many of the grey dinner jackets are terrible with the black satin lapels and the notch lapels and two or more buttons. I am asking this question because I am going to a themed formal party where a grey dinner jacket would be appropriate because of the theme and was wondering if I bought it instead of rented it whether it would have an appropriate aplication outside of this themed party.

If not I will just rent it for this one event. Zachary, I think a gray dinner jacket could be quite elegant. When wearing a black bowtie the black lapels will tie better with the bow tie than gray lapels.

Just something to think about. Whatever you decide, would love to see the final jacket, feel free to email me at justin thefineyounggentleman. I have a feather bow-tie brackish. Can I wear white piqué for both shirt and vest? Should the shirt be pleated, or plain front? Must the shirt have holes for buttons and studs, or can it have sewn-on buttons?

Should the vest be white or black? James, Tails are for white tie but you say the prom is black tie. Which dress code are you asking about? Answers depend on that so please let me know. Dress code for prom is creative black tie. The tails look better than anything I could rent.

I have a dark grey pair of pants as well as a charcoal grey jacket. The two do not match. Along with this I was planning on wearing a white shirt with a dark navy tie.

For shoes and belt, I was considering either both black or both a matching lighter brown. Thoughts and suggestions on this ensemble please.

I am putting together a custom tuxedo for my wedding in six months. I think I have a line on most of what I need. But where would I find a honeycomb textured shirt like the one in the picture at the top of this page?

Any advice is appreciated. Michael, The honeycomb fabric is actually not a shirt but a bedding fabric. I responded to your email so please check that for more detailed thoughts. Kody, Either go the custom route preferably , or get a well fitting one off the rack. Most rental places that I have seen charge , so after only a few rentals you will have paid off your investment. Traditionally a tuxedo should never have vents, but if you want to add vents than make sure to get twice.

But most of the people are wearing single vented jacket to look unique. Daniel Craig while performing style icon James Bond role in Skyfall wore a single vented jacket. Thank your Blog again! Is it okay to wear a turn down collar shirt with a white marcella bow tie? Or is the wing collar the only acceptable option? Thanks for you help. I purchased a wool white dinner jacket with shaw lapels for a June wedding. Mark, Sounds fine to me, although the pants should really have the black stripe along the seam.

For a prom great tux, all the other ducks in a row according to your rules — can the pocket square be a fun pattern that coordinates with the bow tie? Or does it always need to be white? Katherine, Personally, I am not a fan of patterned bowties with a tux. Do I put the cuffs and studs on the regular button up? Or just go complete classic and ditch the dress up shirt? Jonathan, I have no idea what you mean by a dress up shirt. But just on principle I would recommend that you do you and just wear the tux shirt.

Fantastic point, other than your useful tips you only mentioned some valid points in your blog. If you are wearing a tuxedo for special occasion than never never rent a tux because it wont give you a special looks, try to order the tuxedo cut and finish according to your measurements. I am completely agreed with your view about the come back of Midnight blue tuxedo, Daniel Craig in his three movies wore navy tuxedo two times they are seriously at their peak or you can say boom level.

Again want to let you know that this is something a fantastic post, thanks for posting it! Hello, I am attending my prom in a couple of weeks time and am concerned that I may need to change my suit jacket. I have opted for a brown tweed jacket with black pants and brown brogues. Is this inappropriate for a formal event? Will I look smart enough? I feel after reading the rules and comments that I should change to a black jacket but when I first tried on my suit I was under the impression that it looked formal enough — now I am not so sure.

Do I play safe and opt for just a velvet jacket with black trousers, or do I go all out with a full 3 piece velvet suit? The colour in question would be a midnight blue or dark purple. I also would most likely be wearing a white shirt with a black bow tie.

Elliott, As much as I love velvet, I think it is best done in moderation. That said, I think just doing the velvet jacket will be the right amount but the 3 piece a bit much. Not to mention, I imagine you will be dancing a lot at your wedding, velvet is not exactly the most cool wearing fabric which could leave you sweating profusely if you are in velvet trousers.

I am wearing a white dinner jacket and black tux pants for my wedding. Groomsmen will be in standard black tux. What is the most appropriate shirt to wear with the white jacket? Mike, Congrats on getting married. Aside from the white pocket square I see some men pull off a red or burgundy one well. Some have even done a black one well. For the shirt either a pleated front shirt with turndown collar or non pleated turndown collar shirt ie a really nice french cuff spread collar shirt.

It looks shiny in day light and looks blacker than black in evening time, it sometimes also gives dark brown and green shades in dark light too. The pleated shirt is your least formal option and the Marcella bib shirt is your best most formal option. See link for photo reference in shirt type: I am wearing a midnight blue peak lapel slim fit Dior Tux for my wedding.

Assuming i would wear a black satin bow-tie, black cap toe shoes? Would it be too much to wear a pocket square?

What color would be best? I think white brings it down, but a midnight blue satin pocket square could be nice? Any other rules for a midnight blue tux? Mike, A pocket square would definitely not be too much. Just go with a simple white linen one and you will be good to go. I would match the color of your bow tie with the color of your lapels.

None others that I can think of, simplicity is often best, the midnight blue speaks for itself. Hi, I am attending a fraternity ball soon and would be wearing a tuxedo. I have a medal given by a fraternal order which I want to pin on. Can I pin on my medal on a tux? On the lapel or on the chest itself? Very brilliant website you have going on here. Raymond, I believe in the most technical and most appropriate manner you can only wear the medal when full dress is prescribed.

The placement of the medal I believe depends on the type of medal, but I could be wrong. The lapel or chest would be the two most common places, the lapel the most. That said, if you wore it, I doubt many people, if anyone would think it inappropriate. Can i wear cognac color shoes with my tux or should i stick to black shoes?

I wanna wear white shirt and blue bow tie, please suggest if i should change the color of bow to black instead of blue? Sagar, I would stick to black shoes and the bow tie to black. Great article, but I have one question for you.

My tuxedo shirt has a pleated bib front. However, the bib does not run the entire length of the front of the shirt, rather it stops just above the belly button. I would prefer not to wear a cummerbund or waistcoat.

Is it acceptable to wear this shirt in the absence cummerbund or waistcoat? Troy, It is not. Regardless of shirt type you should wear a cummerbund or waistcoat. With a bib front it looks awkward and just plain bad without something covering the plain white shirt space between waistband and bib.

Troy, No, it is not. Alberto Nardoni Velvet Tuxedo Velour Each of our tuxedos incorporates every quality detail that all of our suit coats have.

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